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We updated our corporate image – why?

Xoompoint - ilmeuudistus

A corporate image encompasses all of the visible elements of a company. Colours, social media presence, packaging, forms and PowerPoint presentations – all of these are part of a company’s image. A good corporate image is recognizable, leaves an impression, and stands out from competitors.

It is never advisable to change your corporate image for superficial reasons. Rebranding requires investments, so simply being tired of your corporate colours is not a good enough reason to go through with the change. But here at Xoompoint, we decided it was time to update our visual identity to better correspond to who we are. Why now?

Reasons for the change

Xoompoint was set up in 2016. There was already high demand for the service back then, and we didn’t have the resources for visual identity design.
Over the years, we’ve grown and increased our brand recognition in the world of e-learning. At the time of writing in February 2022, there are eight of us, and it seems that we will soon need to recruit new Xoompointers for our fantastic team.

As we’ve grown, we’ve taken the time to think more deeply about who we are and what we want to achieve in the future. Our old brand identity initially served us well, but now we wanted something newer and fresher. Together with our communications partner, we designed a graphic identity that would better serve us and our services.

Xoompoint - graafinen ilme uudistus

The result was a clear logo and colour palette, where black and white are supplemented with orange and various greys as accent colours.

Our new image and website now better clarify and communicate what Xoompoint is all about. As our slogan says, we can provide everything you need for e-learning. We have the skills to meet your e-learning needs, whether they are pedagogical or technological. We listen to the customer and design our services to suit you and your company.