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Animations support learning and crystallize things in an interesting way

By 15.2.2022March 14th, 2022No Comments
Utilizing animations to support learning is a growing trend among our customers. The benefits of animation are becoming increasingly clear. They can help to deploy a new operating model, for example, or remind you of important things like data security or occupational safety.

Even things that are difficult to understand can be presented in an illustrative and memorable way using animation. Animation is a flexible and affordable way to crystallize complicated issues in a short video. Animations are agile and cost-efficient to produce, as you don’t need to bring filming equipment to the site and you don’t need to do multiple takes. Another benefit is, of course, making the online course more interesting, as content can be presented in a more diverse way.

We have produced animations on the following topics for our customers

  • Induction and workplace instructions for new employees
  • Work site safety
  • Data security
  • Coronavirus guidelines
  • Code of conduct

Here’s a microcourse on data security for you to use! Could we perhaps implement something like this to meet your company’s needs?

Our content production experts are happy to help, contact us!

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