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Training and consultation

We will help you with every step of e-learning

Whether it’s managing content production tools, developing e-learning courses, or content production, our training and consultation can help you to take charge of the situation.

We have a number of training options to suit your needs.

How can we help you?

I want to utilize e-learning as part of our organization’s range of training

The deployment of e-learning begins with the questions what, why, how, and for whom. We will help your company to create an e-learning operating model to meet your precise needs.

  • we design suitable training modules together with you
  • we specify your company’s e-learning technology and software needs
  • we help your company to introduce new operating models and deploy new software
  • we support your key staff in developing an e-learning model

I want to make content that is of high pedagogical quality

It is important to consider the features of e-learning early in the content planning process. We train your organization’s content production team to plan content that supports learning.

  • we provide induction for your team into online pedagogy from a content production perspective
  • we help to create a shared understanding of the different e-learning formats and models for implementation in your company
  • we guide your team in writing and implementing courses that support learning

I want to create my own e-learning course in iSpring

Tool management is a prerequisite for creating diverse content.

Our iSpring content production tool deployment training provides you with an introduction to the principles of content production.

  • we train you to use iSpring effectively
  • we create templates that are of a high pedagogical quality and conform to your company’s brand
  • we will show you how to easily update the templates
  • our support service will help you with any questions you may have after the training

I need help with deploying an e-learning environment

The smooth deployment of an e-learning environment provides a good base for successful e-learning.

We guide main users in how to use the environment’s features and functionalities. Smooth deployment increases reliability and user comfort.

I’m looking for something else, what?

Has your company identified some e-learning challenges you can’t face alone? Contact us! We will customize training to meet your needs.

Let's meet your needs together