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Restel Oy is a Finnish restaurant industry group comprising approximately 200 restaurants and employing around 2,200 restaurant industry professionals. Restel’s restaurants include BURGER KING®, Taco Bell, Rax Pizzabuffet, Ísey Skyr Bar, HelmiSimpukka, Wanha Mestari and Hemingway’s restaurants, plus Food&Events restaurants.

At Restel, training for all of its staff is mainly provided through online courses. Each year, around 2300 Restel employees and partner representatives complete courses in the e-learning environment.

– The e-learning environment makes it possible to provide induction for a large number of people and makes our work easier, as results are reported directly from the environment. Courses can also be completed flexibly: everyone can complete the course at a time that is suitable for them,” says Restel’s HR development manager Paula Laanti.

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“Collaboration with Xoompoint has been flexible"

Xoompoint has provided Restel with various induction courses and has trained Restel’s own staff in how to use content production tools. Paula says one of Xoompoint’s strengths is its expertise in implementing online courses from both a technical and content perspective.

– “Collaboration with Xoompoint has been flexible and we’ve always received help whenever we’ve needed it. It’s incredibly easy to reach the experts, and they also provided me with suggestions on the most sensible way to implement things,” adds Paula.

We’ve always received help whenever we’ve needed it

– Paula LaantiHR development manager, Restel
Paula Laanti, Restel