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Consistent quality and induction efficiency are ensured through multilingual digital induction materials.

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Meyer Turku’s shipyard makes some of the world’s largest cruise ships. Thousands of people from a number of different countries work at the shipyard each day. Shared working methods and operating models play a key role in ensuring smooth and safe work.

Meyer Turku Oy’s shipyard not only makes some of the world’s largest cruise ships, it also carries out the most hot work in Finland. Around 4000-6000 hours each year are used on partners’ hot work training.

Due to the high demand for training, it was important to come up with a solution that would boost training performance and better target it to the company’s own needs.

In collaboration with Xoompoint’s experts, the shipyard developed and its own Hot Work Pass and deployed it as an online course in fire safety. The first course was published in 2019. Xoompoint’s online course has been translated into 17 languages.

Almost 3,500 people have used the shipyard’s Hot Work Pass training. Feedback from the learners has been positive.

– The online course is learner-oriented and it can be customized to meet the precise needs of the shipyard, while nationwide training only approaches the subject at a general level, explains Meyer Turku’s Fire Director Harri Koivisto.

The shipyard’s own e-training has boosted participation in training. The e-learning environment allows a larger number of people to undergo induction simultaneously, and also automatically generates completion data.

– It is rare to work with such a like-minded customer as Xoompoint. I’ve been extremely satisfied with our collaboration. Their professional expertise and ability to make exciting training material makes them an important partner to us, he adds.

What did we do?

  • Designed a training module together with the customer
  • Content production
  • Training for creating online courses
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Digital hot work training is one of the most important investments the shipyard has made into fire safety.

– Harri KoivistoFire Director, Meyer Turku
Harri Koivisto, Meyer Turku