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E-learning content production

The PerkinElmer group is one of the world’s leading health technology companies. PerkinElmer operates in over 190 countries and employs over 14,000 people. Some of its customers include universities, hospitals and companies working with biotechnology, health care, environmental monitoring, and industry.

– We train our resellers and customers internationally. We needed an e-learning platform that we could use to carry out e-training. The ability to offer online courses is an absolute must for us, and we can’t lag behind our competitors, explains training manager Riikka Oivanen.

PerkinElmer chose Xoompoint’s FlowLMS e-learning platform as the e-learning environment. Xoompoint also produced a large amount of content for PerkinElmer.

Oivanen says that PerkinElmer has become a better content producer in collaboration with Xoompoint.

– With Xoompoint, we’ve learnt to package our e-learning material better. This means the use of images, videos, animations and tasks along with text, says Oivanen.

– These new aspects will help learners to really internalize the material and make e-learning more effective, she adds.

What did we do?

  • Deployment of the FlowLMS e-learning platform
  • Content production
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Companies can’t fall behind on development

The need for e-learning is constantly increasing. This was also the case for PerkinElmer.

– One tip for anyone considering organizing e-learning is that even if the thought of getting started seems difficult, in practice it’s a lot easier than you might expect. You can’t fall behind on development, Oivanen adds.

Xoompoint’s e-learning platform helped us to keep up with competitors.

– Riikka OivanenTraining manager, PerkinElmer
Riikka Oivanen, Perkin El