SSTL Puhtausala ry

It’s easy to manage training using an e-learning environment

FlowLMS e-learning environment
Technical support
iSpring training

SSTL Puhtausala ry is a cleaning industry advice and training organization that helps people in the cleaning industry to develop professionally and to progress in their career. The association was founded in 1970.

SSTL Puhtausala ry offers its members lots of precise training to deepen and refresh their competence. Training is carried out by cleaning industry specialists. Xoompoint’s FlowLMS e-learning environment makes it easy to complete training and tests, plus automatically manage and send qualification certificates to a large number of recipients.

– “The online learning environment makes it easy and effortless for us to manage courses. Xoompoint’s experts provided us with support and training concerning deployment of the environment,” says SSTL Puhtausala ry’s CEO Sari Mattila.

What did we do?

  • FlowLMS e-learning environment
  • Technical support
  • E-learning consultation
  • iSpring training
  • Online course content production
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”With Xoompoint’s experts, you can rely on them to keep their promises"

In addition to the online learning environment and consulting, Xoompoint has also given the organization various online courses and has provided training on how to use content production tools.

“I would particularly like to thank Xoompoint for its customer-oriented approach and openness.

– Xoompoint’s experts familiarised themselves with our work environment and thoroughly charted our needs. This meant that we could map the genuine process path in the online learning environment,” summarizes Mattila.

– When collaborating with Xoompoint’s experts, you can rely on them to keep their promises. I appreciate their honesty: they tell you if they feel that something won’t work. It’s easy to trust in their expertise, she adds.

It’s easy to trust in Xoompoint's expertise.

– Sari MattilaCEO, SSTL Puhtausala ry
Sari Mattila, SSTL Puhtausala ry