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Hansel and Gretel explore Finnish nature and learn about everyman’s rights

By 8.6.2022July 4th, 2022No Comments
jokamiehenoikeudet animaatio

Everyman’s rights for all and the diversity of Finland’s nature are real wonders of the world. But how can we explain them to people who don’t know anything about Finland yet? Turku-based Xoompoint Oy’s and Suomen Latu ry’s desire to help families with children fleeing the war in Ukraine resulted in a short animation of Hansel and Gretel exploring Finnish nature.

In the animation, Hansel and Gretel go hiking with their parents. During the day, they encounter a range of situations in which forest animals guide them and explain about Finnish nature and everyman’s rights.

The idea for the animation came from within Xoompoint Oy, a Turku-based company that specializes in e-learning services. Upset by the global situation, the company thought about how it could help people arriving in Finland after fleeing the war in Ukraine.

“We thought about how we could explain the diversity of Finnish nature to people who don’t know anything about Finland. We wanted this animation to make people, and especially children, to feel good and to encourage them to explore their surroundings together with friends or their family,” explains CEO Riikka Hagman from Xoompoint.

The project was implemented by volunteers, and it felt natural to ask Suomen Latu – the Outdoor Association of Finland to participate. The association aims to promote recreation outdoors and in nature, and was happy to get involved in the project.

“Everyman’s rights are the foundation of outdoor recreation and a Finnish national treasure. Naturally, we want to use all available methods to communicate responsible outdoor recreation to everyone living and spending time in Finland. We hope that many Ukrainians will find strength in nature during these difficult times,” says Suomen Latu’s Head of Operations Eki Karlsson.

A Xoompoint freelancer living in Lviv, Ukraine, helped with the Ukrainian translation. You can watch the animations here:

in Ukrainian:
in Finnish:
in English:

More information is available from:

Minna Mustonen, Xoompoint Oy
tel. +358 (0)50 384 6847