• XoomPoint Corporation
  • Posted April 18, 2016

PRESS RELEASE: e-learning companies XoomPoint and iSpring partner up

Finnish XoomPoint Corporation and US based iSpring Solutions, Inc. have partnered up for global co-operation. This partnership enables launching new e-learning products and services in the Finnish market. The award winning authoring tools by iSpring together with integrated Finnish development, support and training services are available immediately. Furthermore, XoomPoint has launched its XoomPoint Webstore with focus on e-learning solutions and services. The Webstore serves customers in over a hundred countries and supports the most common methods of payment.

"According to the latest research, 72% of companies believe that e-learning helps them stay competitive. When considering that e-learning consumes 40-60% less time than traditional training courses, the impact of e-learning is even greater. In the US the use of cloud based authoring tools and e-learning platforms has increased around 9% yearly. In comparison, Finland is lagging behind." says XoomPoint Corporation's Esa Tervo. "Our goal is to support Finland to rise to the same level as rivaling countries. The co-operation with our American partner has developed rapidly. Together we are launching new products and services to the benefit of our clients. The pressure to improve competitiveness and the need to use efficient tools as well as ready-to-use solutions are constantly increasing. Rapid global technological development, change of traditional business models and above all, tightening competition is the driving force."

We want to keep up with the latest trends and act as a forerunner. We strive to develop our business to better meet the needs of our customers. This means constantly developing our services and expanding our business. Establishing the XoomPoint Webstore makes it possible for us to serve our customers even more diversely. We aim to offer our Finnish customers world class tools combined with Finnish speaking customer support and customer service. "I’m very excited about these new solutions, which are combining our vast content know-how and state of the art tools. We make the benefits of e-learning available to companies of any size." Esa Tervo states, and continues "At the same time this opens up totally new possibilities for digital content development – also for the customers themselves."

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