• XoomPoint Corporation
  • Posted March 2, 2017

PRESS RELEASE: The new XoomPoint LMS – boosts your corporate learning

XoomPoint Corporation, learning technology provider and digital training specialist, strengthens its position as the number one partner in corporate training. The new, improved XoomPoint LMS is tailored to meet the needs of corporate digital learning.

Last Autumn, learning technology and digital training specialist XoomPoint Corporation expanded greatly into eLearning services. Recently the company has invested heavily in learning technology development in order to strengthen the position as the number one choice in corporate eLearning technology and services. Cloud based, mobile friendly XoomPoint LMS is developed to meet the needs of corporate learning, and is first launched in the Nordics.

"Customer feedback on our improved technology has been truly positive. The enhanced platform boosts scalability, flexibility and speed of the learning environment. Our development work has also focused on making the content management for both internal and external users even more fluent.", says XoomPoint’s Director of Technology and Software Tero Toropainen.

"XoomPoint LMS is so far used mainly in international enterprises. Thanks to the great scalability, it is also suits the needs of small businesses, and companies that does not regularly train large amounts of learners." adds Riikka Hagman, the XoomPoint CEO. "This means that we can now provide these customer segments with a truly cost efficient alternative when they aim to develop their training efforts with digital means. The deployment of our cloud based Learning Management System is also an extremely fast and painless process." Hagman continues. "Being a full service eLearning house, XoomPoint of course offers a wide range of deployment and customer care services as well as eLearning consulting to customers".

XoomPoint LMS is tailored to the training needs of businesses. Many LMS’s are developed based on the needs of educational establishments, resulting in features and functionalities that are needless from a corporate training point of view and making them too heavy for efficient company use.

"In companies, depending of course on the target group of the training, learners have varying technical skills. The easier it is for learners to find learning material, and the more straight forward the learning experience is, the more efficiently the organization is able to serve its learners.", states Hagman. "When developing technologies, focus is usually on perfecting technical aspects and less attention is paid to the perspective of the user. XoomPoint LMS’s clean user interface supports eLearning. Navigation has been made really easy with a visual course library. Learning management benefits are for instance effortless courseware distribution and customizable reports. And everyone’s (learner, instructor, IT support) time is saved when the user does not have to search for courses, courseware or a specific functionality.", notes Hagman.

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